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Anja Wulf’s Summer Collection is here, and available for viewing and purchase at the Sarah Jessica Fine Arts Gallery in Provincetown, MA. Provincetown is the oldest art colony in the US, and an iconic go-to destination for fine art collectors worldwide. The Sarah Jessica Fine Arts Gallery is located in the heart of Provincetown’s art district, at 342 Commercial St. Preview Anja’s paintings here, and view them in person in “P-town” all summer long (or at least until they sell out).


In April 2019, Anja participated in Art Expo New York, the world’s largest fine art expo for 40+ years, in the center of the art universe. There, she was selected as the top solo artist, from more than 125 curated artists’ exhibitions worldwide.

Anja Wulf featured in Art and People Magazine‘s April 2019 edition.


Anja Wulf to introduce a new line of abstract landscapes at 2019 ArtExpo at Pier 90 (Gallery #1011) in New York on April 4-7, 2019.

Anja’s work was highlighted by ArtExpo’s staff in mid-March — three of 17 works of art under $5,000 US — curated from thousands of artists’ pieces to be exhibited.